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Asia University Global Program 2016

Asia University Global Program (AUGP) is a collaborated program between Asia University (Tokyo) and UAI that provides student exchange participants from Japan to learn Bahasa and culture of Indonesia while staying in Jakarta. In addition to learning grammar and conversation,…

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The Launching of The Chinese Culture Literature Room

The Launching of The Chinese Culture Literature Room On Tuesday, 27th September 2016, Chinese Culture Literature at UAI was launched. The launching was conducted by Mr. Dadang Suhendar, Head of Indonesian Language Development (Kemendikbud RI). This launching was attendedby Vice Minister of State Council of…

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UAI at the University of Zurich, Switzerland

Albert Einstein, world’s greatest scientist, did his doctorate degree at this university, leaving behind his famous dissertation: A new determination of molecular dimensions. Another Nobel laureate produced by this University, whom most of us are familiar with, is Conrad Rontgen,…

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