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The library was established in 2000, has serviced students, lecturers, staff
of the university, as well as the public community. The library collections
include fields of Science and Technology, Business & Management, Social
Science, Arts & Humanities, and Literatures. The library has computerized
operation system and is being designed to have digital library.
Please visit our library through our website


Language Laboratory
This laboratory is equipped with Multimedia and Information
Technology to help students through learning process. Task
relating to Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening are directly
implemented in this laboratory. Facilities such as free internet,
unlimited International TV channels, Infocus for presentation and
teleconference are provided.


Computer Center & Information System

Established in 2000 and provides access to appropriate provides
various services like academic administration, on-line registration,
on-line library, e-mail facilities, internet access, and e-learning facilities.
Advancement of e-connectivity for logistic and infrastructure, financial
services, and human resources information system are provided.
Various training and courses like statistics, advanced engineering
calculations, and many other challenging software and hardware
applications are available on request.


Communication Sciences Laboratory
Equipped with mini radio lab, television broadcasting studios, photography lab, advertising
lab, editing lab, and radio on air unit. The students will be taught all of related theory and
practical matters of the facilities. They are expected to use various instruments and also be
able to become a good broadcaster, presenter and interviewers.


Law Laboratory
The students can search for laws for various aspects especially for commercial laws and laws
for technology and industries required and relevant for their studies. In addition, Faculty
of Law has Bismar Siregar Moot Court, a place where students can practice various lawsuit
simulations and court trials.


Basic Sciences Laboratory
Serve the students to learn and understand basic knowledge of science
through physics and chemistry.


Informatics Engineering Laboratory
Designed to help students understand problems of computation,
multimedia engineering and technology, network technology, information
system and technology, and software engineering and technology.


International Relations Laboratory
Used by students to perform various diplomatic courses, meetings, and
discussions among UAI international relations students.


Microteaching and Psychological Counseling Laboratory
The students will be taught theory and practical matters of learning and teaching
processes. In the Psychological Counseling Lab, the students will learn the theory
and practice on how to resolve various psychological cases.


Electrical Engineering Laboratory
Designed to strengthen basic knowledge and skills, advanced knowledge in areas of electrical
and electronic circuits, micro-processing system, analogue and digital signal processing,
computer engineering, telecommunication engineering, and optical engineering.


Management and Accounting Laboratory
The students will learn various case studies in management simulation, accounting problems,
economic modeling and forecasting, feasibility study, and business plan simulation.


Industrial Engineering Laboratory
Designed to help students to understand various aspects of industrial engineering including
concept of planning and implementation of the production system, smart database of
intelligent information for smart decision, principles and implementation of management,
optimization process and production system, and comfort design.


Laboratory of Biology/Biotechnology
Designed to help students learn the concept of biology and biotechnology.

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