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Islamic Values
“ Islamic values are universal and solution to human civilization “

We provide opportunities for students to participate in various student development activities and to performing universal Islamic values in global dynamic societies.


Information Technology

“ To reach out globally through information technology ”

Students are led to explore the information technology in an effective and productive way to enhance their academic capability.



“ Language proficiency is an avenue to have a creative role in the world and increase self-confidence ”

We provide opportunities for students to improve their language proficiency prior to finishing their studies.



“To master the way of getting the best of others for a more valueable outcomes.”

We provide opportunities to the visiting scholars both domestic and foreign universities, research institutions, industries, and others to give lectures, to share experiences, and to conduct researches with the students.


Entrepreneurial Skill

“To develop one’s ability to transform adversity to opportunity”.

We guide students opportunities to learn fundamental aspects of entrepreneurship through training, creative activities, to boost their entrepreneurial mind-set, etc.



“ To inspire to set example for others and to lead the way to the journey of tomorrow ”

We provide opportunities to students to develop their leadership abilities and character building.


Managerial skill

“ To master administration and organizational functions to prepare for accurate planning and execution “

We provide opportunities to students to understand fundamental aspects of management through training, student activities, and other media as a basis for career development


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