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International Relation Major Of UAI Visits The US Embassy With Critical Views

International Relation Major of UAI Visits The US Embassy with Critical Views

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WhatsApp Image 2017-12-18 at 3.53.11 PM

On Monday (18/12), students of International Relations Program (Prodi HI) of Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia got the opportunity to visit the Embassy of the United States (US Embassy) in South Jakarta. This visit is for the substitute of the regular Subjects and Diplomacy Practices (Teori dan Praktek Diplomasi) course.

In general, this visit discusses the opportunities and possibilities for Indonesian students to get higher education  abroad, especially in the US. This is important, because on condition that lectures abroad can open the mindset of a student.

Information about the opportunity to continue education in the US can be achieved, one of the examples is through EducationUSA which is a consulting center for helping to find varieties of higher educations in The US.

They can also help the students to find the most appropriate college according to their condition and ability. They help start from college research and desired majors, finance, applications and visas, until preparation before departure.

EducationUSA also encourages students to seek scholarships from various agencies, such as LPDP, Fulbright, East-West Center, and so on.

On this occasion, some HI students also presented some thoughts and criticisms of controversial contemporary US Government policy which unilaterally proclaim Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

In addition, they also save attention around life in the US, especially for women wearing headscarves and Muslims. They are worried about the unpleasant treatment for Muslims during their education in Uncle Sam’s country. However, it can still be managed since the speaker of this event, Mr. Muhammad Iqbal said that there will be not so many discrimination, as the people in the institutions are all educated and they should understand about the diversity in their country, including the existence of muslims.

There was also a part of the event where they talk about working in the US Embassy. One student asked about Indonesians that work for The US, were they supposed to be that devoted to the country. But Ms. Endang, another speaker of the event said that it does not have to work that way. Because at the end of the time, we seek work for our livings. And we can still be fully Indonesian.

The event ended with all of the participants playing Kahoot and having free time in the library. This was a very productive and fun way to learn new things especially in education and diplomacy area.

Original writer: Dzulfiqar Prasetyo, S.IP

Translated to English by: Dhea Fadhilah, S.S

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