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LECTURE SERIES: “U.S. Foreign Policy Towards Latin America”

LECTURE SERIES: “U.S. Foreign Policy Towards Latin America”

Faculty members and the students of Department of Social and Politics Science Al Azhar Indonesia University (UAI)received a special lecture by Dr. Michael G. Vann, Associate Professor from California State University, Sacramento ( , on May 30th 2013, hosted by UAI Office of International Affairs (KUI).

Also present in this event, Mrs. Sylvie Young, Assistant Cultural Attaches and Mrs. Pirina Vindiartha, The Cultural Affairs Specialist of U.S. Embassy.

Attending from UAI were Mr. M. Riza Widyarsa, BA., M.Si., Head of International Relations Study Programs, Mr. Nazarudin Nasution, SH., MA., Lecturer of International Relations Study Program, Mrs. Vanny Narita, Ph. D., Head of The Bureau of Innovation and Cooperation and Mr. M. Ghozali Moenawar, Lc, M.M, Manager of The Office of International Affairs.

These special lectures, which were  parts of the Executive Lecture Series Program of KUI,  had two themes: “The Opportunities for Graduate Students In American Studies And History In The USA”, in which Dr. Vann invited students to study in USA, especially in California. He explained that California State has 23 campuses, 437,000 students, 44,000 faculty and other facilities of study.

The second theme was about “U.S. Foreign Policy Towards Latin America”. This theme related with course for students of  International Relations Study Programs. Dr. Vann explored the history and the regulations  of  U.S. Foreign Policy Towards Latin America.

The Lectures were held in a friendship atmosphere in the CIMB-Niaga room of UAI. Staff and students enjoyed the entire of lecture, which closed with a Question & Answer session by students to Mr. Michael G. Vann.

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