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PT. Pupuk Indonesia Holding Company Provide Scholarship  For University Al Azhar Of Indonsia Students Who Are Affected By Covid-19

PT. Pupuk Indonesia Holding Company Provide Scholarship for University Al Azhar of Indonsia Students Who are Affected by Covid-19

Covid-19 have affected people’s daily lives whether it’s financially or educationally, as myriad university students in Indonesia cannot continue their pursuit of higher education or even forced to take study leave as a result of Covid-19 devastating effect on Indonesia economic sector. University Al Azhar of Indonesia (UAI) students are no exception, as numerous UAI students have to take study leave.

On June 23, 2020, UAI had held a scholarship reward to 8 UAI students who were affected by Covid-19 pandemic, as a result of PT. Pupuk Indonesia Holding Company generosity and goodwill for UAI that resulted in education grant or scholarship for 8 (eight) UAI students who were affected by Covid-19. The reward ceremony was attended by University Leaders; Rector, Vice Rector, Dean, Head of Study Program and related Directorates.

The reward carried out by the Rector of UAI, Prof. Dr. Ir. Asep Saefuddin, M.Sc., accompanied by the Vice Rector II for Resources and Cooperation, Ir. Ade Suryanti, MM. and former Vice Rector III for Student and Alumni Affairs, Dr. Nita Noriko, MS. to 8 students in the Commercial Multipurpose Meeting Room, UAI.

In Prof. Dr. Ir. Asep Saefuddin, M.Sc., speech he conveyed his gratitude and appreciation to PT. Pupuk Indonesia Holding Company, for the educational assistance provided to students affected by Covid-19. The Rector further stated that students who obtain the scholarships are high-achieving students. The Rector moreover hoped that the current students who received the scholarships are able to help other students in the future who face tantamount hardship.

At the end of his speech, Prof. Asep conveyed that UAI had also received education funding assistance from Baitul Maal Pupuk Kujang in a form of scholarship for 4 UAI students. UAI believed and hoped that the concern shown by PT PT. Pupuk Indonesia Holding Company as a State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) to provide scholarships in the form of educational funding assistance, can galvanized other companies and institutions to help ease the burden of students affected by Covid-19.

-Bagus Ramadhan-

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