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Teikyo University Visits To UAI

Teikyo University Visits to UAI

Al Azhar Indonesia University (UAI) was honored to be visited by three administrators from Teikyo University, Tokyo, Japan, on February 22nd 2013.

Representing Teikyo University ( ) were Mr. Toshio Asakura (Adviser of Teikyo University Headquarters, Okinaga Research Institute of Teikyo University), Mr. Kiyoshi Kawamoto (Group Leader of Teikyo University Utsunimiya Campus, Faculty of Science and Engineering) and Mr. Hideaki Hirako (Adviser of Teikyo University Headquarters, International Planning Department).

Present from UAI were Dr. Ahmad H. Lubis, M.Sc. (Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Innovation, Cooperation and Enterpreneur), Hidayat YS, Ph.D. (Director of the  Office of International Affairs), Arianty Visiaty, SS, M.LA. (Lecturer of the Faculty of Japannese Literature) and Ghozali Munawar, Lc (Manager of the  Office of  International Affairs).

Discussion was held in a friendship atmosphere  in the CIMB- Niaga room, exploring potential of collaborations in several areas such as biodiversity and tropical biology research, Islamic financing, student exchange, etc. The difficulty in Japannese language proficiency for students who are interested in  studying at Teikyo University was also discussed. It was suggested that Japannese language center should be established here at UAI to promote and encourage more students to study at Japan Universities. The possibility to create a taylor-made, summer course consisting of Indonesian cultural, social, economic and environmental aspects was also mentioned in this discussion.

We are looking for a long-term, mutual collaboration between these two universities.

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