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UAI At The University Of Zurich, Switzerland

UAI at the University of Zurich, Switzerland

Albert Einstein, world’s greatest scientist, did his doctorate degree at this university, leaving behind his famous dissertation: A new determination of molecular dimensions. Another Nobel laureate produced by this University, whom most of us are familiar with, is Conrad Rontgen, a name that has become a verb in Indonesian, referring to an x-ray procedure in the hospital and other health facili­ties. In total, of its 160 years of establishment, University of Zurich has produced 11 Nobel laureates, including: Erwin Schrodinger, Karl Muller, and Rolf Sinkernagel.

On February 6, 2015, Dr. Hidayat YS, Director of UAI International Office, visited Dr. Sara Elmer, Co­ordinator North-South In­ternational Projects, Interna­tional Relations Office, University of Zurich.  The meeting took place in the Inter­national Office at Raemistr, 71 Zurich.  This visit aims at 1) Introducing and promoting UAI; 2) Seeking available scholarships for UAI faculty members and students; and 3) Ex­ploring potential research collaborations, between the two universities.

There are scholarships available funded  by the Swiss government through the Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS). These scholarships provide graduates from all fields with the opportunity to pursue doc­toral and post doctoral research in Switzerland at one of the public funded Univer­sity or recognized institute. Those who are interested, please visit the website of the Swiss Government State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation :

Regarding research opportunities, the University of Zurich has established its research priority program (URPP), consisted of 12 programs :

  1. Asia and Europe;
  2. Dynamics of Healthy Aging;
  3. Ethics;
  4. Evolution in Action: From Genomes to Ecosystem;
  5. Global Change and Biodiversity;
  6. Integrative Human Physiology;
  7. Financial Market Regulation;
  8. Social Networks;
  9. Language and Space;
  10. System Biology/Functional Ge­nomics;
  11. Translational Cancer Research;
  12. Solar Light to Chemical Energy Conversion

UAI International Office has the names and e-mail addresses of the contact persons of each research priority. Please contact us if you need the information, or visit the University of Zurich website :

University of Zurich is a top University and ranks regularly among the best University in the world. It has seven faculties : Faculty of Economies; Business Administration and Information Technology; Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Arts and Social Science, Faculty of Science, and Vetsuisse Faculty. Currently, there are about 4000 undergraduate and 2000 postgraduate international students who are studying in this University. The Inter­national Relations Office of University of Zurich summarizes in seven reasons why one should come and study at this university :

  1. Top-ranked University;
  2. Foremost research institution and excellent study programs;
  3. Modern infrastructure and generously equipped laboratories;
  4. Degree programs in German and English;
  5. Students and professors from throughout the world;
  6. Extraordinary sports program;
  7. Located in the heart of Europe
Dr. Sara Elmer, Director of North-South Collaboration University of Zurich

Dr. Sara Elmer, Director of North-South Collaboration University of Zurich

International Office UAI hopes that faculty members, and also students of UAI would benefit and take advantage of these opportunities at the University of Zurich.

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