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“UAI Is My Home And Now Is Your Home” Former Ambassador Of Indonesia For Azerbaijan Remarks In UAI And Embassy Of Azerbaijan Meeting

“UAI is my home and now is your home” Former Ambassador of Indonesia for Azerbaijan Remarks in UAI and Embassy of Azerbaijan Meeting

University Al-Azhar of Indonesia (UAI) and Embassy of Azerbaijan, Indonesia are no strangers. Both parties have been consolidating communication through exchanging letters and exchange visit. Intensifying and cementing solid relations between two parties are significant concern for each other, thus The Ambassador of Azerbaijan, Indonesia, H.E. Jalal Sabir Mirzayev and Rector of UAI, Prof. Dr. Ir. Asep Saefuddin, M.Sc. organized a meeting at October 05, 2021, in UAI Multipurpose Room, to discussed collaboration prospect that can be ventured by each other.

The Ambassador of Indonesia to Azerbaijan 2016 – 2020, Prof. DR. H. Husnan Bey Fananie, MA., accompanied H.E. Jalal Sabir Mirzayev in the meeting, as Prof. Husnan is lecturer of Islamic Education in UAI. From UAI side, the meeting was attended by Dr. Drs. Zirmansyah, M.Pd. as the Dean of Faculty of Psychology and Education, Dr. Bambang Eko Samiono, S.T., M.M., CHRP., as the Director of Cooperation of UAI and other UAI lecturers. From Embassy of Azerbaijan, Indonesia side, The Counsellor of Azerbaijan Embassy, Indonesia, Gultakin Habibli also attended the meeting.

The meeting went productively as respective sides wanted to strengthen the bond and collaboration between each other, Prof. Husnan conveyed to the H.E. Jalal Sabir Mirzayev, “UAI is my home and now is your home, we accept you as our brother, friend and family. We have to take care and help each other as family, notably, Indonesia and Azerbaijan have a tight relationship”. The message was well received by H.E. Jalal Sabir Mirzayev as Mr. Ambassador said that he will help UAI to communicate UAI intention to have collaboration with Azerbaijan Universities.

The collaboration with other Azerbaijan Universities will be and not limited to visiting lectures, exchange students and joint research. Both parties concurred to organize a webinar in this November with the theme of Azerbaijan struggle due to Armenian illegal occupation in Azerbaijan region. The keynote speaker will be H.E. Jalal Sabir Mirzayev, in December this year, offline culinary event will also be held. Furthermore, next year there will be 2 projects that will be tread by both parties, that is the establishment of Azerbaijan Corner/Center in UAI, therefore Azerbaijan culture can be known by UAI students. The other one is the celebration of 30 years diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Azerbaijan, wherein the celebration will be held in UAI through online or offline manner.

In the spirit of humanity and human rights, UAI will also voiced it’s concern on the illegal occupation of Azerbaijan region by Armenia, as the illegal occupation not only resulted the deaths of countless civilian, but desecration and demolition of Islamic monuments and mosques. The desecration was in the form of numerous pigs kept in mosques, furthermore, Azerbaijan historical sites was Armenianized. Subsequent to the finish of discussion, plaques gifting was done by Prof. Asep to H.E. Jalal Sabir Mirzayev. Afterwards, the meeting was concluded with a group picture. The meeting was a mesmerizing inception towards a profound, resiprocal and prolific cooperation.

-Bagus Ramadhan-

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