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University Al-Azhar Of Indonesia And YBM PLN Met To Discuss UAI Foreign Students Progress

University Al-Azhar of Indonesia and YBM PLN Met to Discuss UAI Foreign Students Progress

Yayasan Baitul Maal PLN (YBM PLN) visited University Al-Azhar of Indonesia (UAI) on October 29, 2021 to share hospitality and discuss the progress of UAI foreign students progress that were recipients of YBM PLN scholarship. The UAI foreign students are Sha Haihong and Ma Zhilong, they hailed from the People’s Republic of China, they are currently majoring in Arabic Language and Culture Study Program.

The meeting took place in room 220, UAI foreign students and UAI were in attendance as UAI represented by Dr. Faisal Hendra, Lc., M.A. as the Vice Rector III of Student Affairs and Alumni, Director of Cooperation, Dr. Bambang Eko Samiono, S.T., M.M., CHRP, Jatmiko Agus Nugroho, S.Kom. as Head Sub Directorate of. Interests, Talents and ORMAWA and Fazlur Rachman, S.Pd.I., M.S. as the Secretary of Arabic Language and Culture Studies Program.

The meeting went smoothly as YBM PLN agreed to help fufilled UAI foreign students other needs that already provided such as education and living cost as long as its doable. Furthermore, YBM PLN intended to sponsored both student Postgraduate education after they finished their study in UAI. Last but not least, UAI wanted to take part and contribute in improving HR improvement program for YBM PLN scholarship recipients, regardless if its for UAI students or outside UAI.

The meeting come to an end with an accord and closing prayers. Thus, the meeting signalled UAI and YBM PLN devotion to ensure fair access to higher education by supporting students with limited financial means regardless of nationalities and to deepen the bonds between respective parties.

-Bagus Ramadhan-

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