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“We Started The Class With TED Talk To Broaden Our Horizon” Stated UAI Students Who Participated In Asia University Taiwan Spring Semester Virtual Exchange Program

“We Started The Class With TED Talk to Broaden Our Horizon” Stated UAI Students Who Participated in Asia University Taiwan Spring Semester Virtual Exchange Program

From February to June 2022, around 30 University Al-Azhar Indonesia (UAI) students participated in Asia University, Taiwan (AUT) Spring Semester 2022 Exchange Program. The virtual exchange was a result of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing between UAI and AUT in 2009. All of them enjoyed and spoke highly on their learning experience. Representatives of UAI students who studied in Asia University, Ulima Kaltsum Aristawati from International Relations Study Program and Ida Ayu Mas Amelia Kusumaningtyas from Biology Study Program recount their learning experience.

Ulima conveyed that she learned Multiculturalism and Global Perspective subject and this subject is taught by Prof. Yinghuei Chen as the Dean of International College of AUT. The learning process is an entirely new learning experience, as we study via Microsoft Teams as the learning platform, filling attendance with a rollcall system and at the start of the class we always started with watching TED Talks to broaden our horizon.

In this class, I was joined by students from various countries such as Indonesia, Taiwan, India and etc. Furthermore, through this class I learned a huge amount of insights from Prof. Chen and other students as our class become a melting pot of culture and knowledge. Amelia echoed Ulima notion, as learning through Tron Class or Microsoft Teams as a learning platform is a unique experience, through Tron Class students are able to view learning material per subjects and upload assignments. The rollcall from Tron Class is a system that enable lecturers to ask students to filled their attendance in a specific time, usually in the middle of the class.

Amelia took Community Work Practice in Taiwan, Digital Image Processing, dan Managerial Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) subjects. All the lecturers in the subjects are friendly, thoughtful and pleasant, I am glad that I was part of the AUT Spring Semester Exchange Program. Hopefully with the positive reception from UAI students on the AUT Exchange Program will encourage more UAI students to took part in AUT Exchange Progam and foster a more amiable and fruitful collaboration between UAI and AUT 

-Bagus Ramadhan-

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