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Workshop On Islamic Culture In Tourism, The Venetian, Macau

Workshop on Islamic Culture In Tourism, the Venetian, Macau

On November 26th and 27th, 2014,  Mr. Mohamad Ghozali, Lc. (Phil.), MM  and Dr. Hidayat Yorianta conducted a workshop entitled : “Islamic Culture in Tourism” at the Torino Meeting Room, The Venetian Hotel, Macau. This Workshop, funded by the Macau Government of Tourist Office (MGTO)

Macau Government Tourist Office

Macau Government Tourist Office

in collaboration with the Office of International Affairs, Al Azhar Indonesia University (UAI), aimed at providing information on the various needs of Muslim travelers. This information is significant to Macau tourism industry,  of which facilities could be made available to Muslim travelers, so they could enjoy a great vacation in Macau, without abandoning their religious obligation.

The workshop was started with the topic: Introduction to Islam, followed by a brief History of Islam,  and ended with a  discussion on the topic of various basic needs of Muslim travelers, including: prayer time, place, halal foods, etc, (see Outline of the Workshop).  Participants were hoteliers from brand named hotels such as Sheraton, Grand Emperor, Mandarin Oriental, President, etc., various travel agencies, tour guides and  MGTO staff.  They were very enthusiastic, as shown by numerous questions raised during the workshop, which lead to great discussions.  The workshop was closed by giving certificates to all participants, signed by the Director of MGTO,  Ms. Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, and the Director of UAI-Office of International Affairs, Dr. Hidayat Yorianta.  

Macau is a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China since 20th December 1999, and like Hong Kong, benefits from the principle ‘one country two systems’.  Macau has a population of around 556,800 residents. Chinese and Portuguese are the official languages, being Cantonese the most widely spoken.  The official languages are used in the government offices and all official documents and communication. English is generally used in trades, tourism and commerce.

Various attractions for all age categories unavailable in Macau, including Macau Science Center, Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, A MaTemple, etc.  Regarding Islamic culture, it is interesting to note that one of the sites that are visited by many visitors is Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial House. This is a muslim style house, the home of Dr, Sun Yat Sen’s family. The house displays the furniture and items used by Dr. Sun Yat Sen during his medical practice in Macau. For more information on Macau tourism, please visit its website:, or contact Ms. Ningsih Chandra,,  the representative of MGTO in Indonesia.

Mr. Mohamad Ghozali, Lc. (Phil.), MM

Mr. Mohamad Ghozali, Lc. (Phil.), MM

Workshop Islamic Culture in Tourism


“Travel through the earth and see how Allah did originate creation so will Allah produce a later creation : for Allah has power over all things.”                                    

                                                                                        Al Ankabut : 20




  • What is an Islamic religion?
  • Who are the Muslims?
  • Who is Allah SWT in Islam?
  • Who is the prophet  Muhammad SAW?
  • What is Al Qur’an?
  • What are the Five Pillars in Islam?


  • The Arabs
  • Muhammad Family
  • The first  four Caliphs 632- 661
  • The Umayyah Caliphs 661-770
  • The Abbasiyah Caliphs 770
  • Islamic Civilization
  • Islamic Society
  • Islamic Achievements





“Having a great holiday without abandoning their praying obligation”

  • Potential market opportunities
  • How to provide praying facilities for the Muslim visitors?
  • How to provide a Wudu facility (place to wash-up before praying)?
  • What are the praying accessories should one provide for the Muslim visitors?
  • What is and how to provide Halal Foods for Muslim visitors?
  • Do you need a Halal Certification?




  • Halal as a key driver of economic growth
  • Sizeable and growing Muslim population
  • Steadily growing trend in intra OIC trade
  • Global market potential of Halal foods
  • New emergence – Halal Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Halal superhighway link with the global supply chain
  • General Guidelines of Halal  and  Haram  Foods









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