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Promoting UAI : Chiba University Tokyo, Japan

Promoting UAI : Chiba University Tokyo, Japan


A team of educators from Chiba University, Tokyo, lead by Vice Dean of Faculty of Education, Professor Yoshiaki Yamano, visited Al Azhar Indonesia University (UAI), on December 18th 2012.  The purpose of this visit was to promote the Twin College Envoys Program (TWINCLE) a unique program conducted by the Faculty of Education , Chiba University, which will be commencing in 2013.

In this program, twin students of Chiba University majoring in education or other subjects will visit primary and secondary schools in Indonesia in cooperation with Indonesian universities. During this visit, these students will share their knowledge and experience about the cutting-edge science and technology, as well as, the Japanese culture.

Three types of Twincle program will be introduced next year: 1. Trial course (two weeks); 2. Short course (one month) and 3. Long course (six month).

Several benefits that are expected from this program includes:

1. To contribute to the enhancement of scientific studies for students of Junior high and High schools as well as universities in Indonesia;

2. To provide the latest information regarding the cutting-edge science and technology development at Chiba Unviersity;

3. To promote cooperation between Indonesian and Japanese university students;

4. To promote mutual understanding of cultural issues between Indonesia and Japan.

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