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Promoting UAI To VIetnam National University

Promoting UAI to VIetnam National University

To promote Al Azhar Indonesia University (UAI), Director of UAI International Office, Dr. Hidayat visited the Director  of the Department of the External Relations, Vietnam National University (VNU), Dr. Do Phuc, in Ho Chi Minth City, August 16th, 2012.

This meeting was focused on developing the potential collaborations between the two universities, such as: Student Exchange Program, Sebatical leave for the Faculty Members, join research both at students and faculty levels, etc.

Established in January 1995, VNU – a national multi-diciplinary university – was a merger of several existing universities in Ho Chi Minth City, comprised of six members universities, one research institute, one institute of education, one school and a numbr of centers: the University of Technology, University of Science, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, International University, University of Information Technology, University of Economics and Law, Institute for Environment and Resources, International  Education Institute, School of Medicine, Center for Educational Testing and Quality Assessment, Center of French Universities.

The VNU is a government funded university with campus population consists of over 4121 staff and 69,000 full-time undergraduate students.  Currently, VNU offers 120 academic programmes fro bachelor degrees, 90 for the masters and 90 for doctorate degrees.  For detailed information, please visit VNU website: or contact the Office of International Affairs, UAI,

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